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Start WELL To Learn WELL

Start Within at School virtual programs help students to acquire and apply social and emotional skills in their academic, personal and professional environments. We also help school staff, teachers, and administrators to reduce their stress and improve their overall wellbeing.

Our approach is based on the Coping with Work & Family Stress Program, a research-based intervention model developed at the Consultation Center of Yale University School of Medicine, along with principles of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-Tapping). Programs are designed to support mental and emotional health with activities that help promote relaxation, address mental or emotional distress, and encourage responsible decision-making.  

Our founder is certified in Mental Health First Aid by the National Council for Behavioral Health, and trained in Trauma Informed Care principles by NYS OASAS. 


This training helps build the capacity of school staff, teachers, and administrators to demonstrate social and emotional skills that will support student readiness and college/career persistence. Programs include activities that help prevent burnout, lack of engagement, job dissatisfaction, and poor performance. Sessions can be combined and conducted as part of a school team-building program, an online retreat.  This can be tailored to be a full day or half-day virtual workshop.

Staff Training and Professional Development

These virtual workshops help students acquire social and emotional skills in their academic, personal, and professional environments.

Interactive sessions are designed to help students understand and manage their emotions; for example, anxiety and fear that

may surface around taking standardized tests or navigating

through the college application process.

Student Enrichment Programs


Parent Engagement Workshops

 Parent Engagement Workshops help parents to acquire social and emotional skills that will support their child's readiness and college/career path. Virtual sessions are designed to promote self-care, stress management, and relationship building.

​Participant outcomes include the ability to:

  • Build self-confidence to set and achieve goals

  • Understand and self-regulate emotions

  • Demonstrate resiliency to bounce back from challenges

  • Establish and maintain positive relationships

Sessions can be customized for virtual delivery, and to align with existing Social-Emotional Learning or School Wellness initiatives, and/or to meet specific school objectives.

Contact us TODAY so we can help your school team to Start Within to Finish Strong!​​​

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