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Are You a Truthsayer?

The dialogue around Oprah's Golden Globes acceptance speech has inspired AND challenged me. I've noticed that the more personal growth work that I do -- particularly around my sacral chakra -- the more present I've become to my anger and dissatisfaction as a black woman witnessing our current state of affairs.What's been challenging about this personal growth has been that I haven't always been clear about how (or when) to express my feelings or observations of unconscious bias, inequity, etc. -- in my professional (and personal) conversations.

Sometimes, I have felt constrained by my role as a coach who holds space for others to heal. What will they think of me if I express ...? And, when I have spoken my truth, and it's not been fully heard or received, I also have felt bereft of my full expression. Today, like Oprah said, "Time's Up!" No longer will I hush my voice.

My A-HA! moment came early this morning -- that's when I have a lot of these epiphany moments -- I'm probably not the only Truthsayer who has struggled with this! To my fellow Truthsayers I say, I have your back! AND, it would be my honor to share with you my Start Within coaching techniques and other tools to help support you in speaking your truth, as well as to manage your internal energy / chakras -- so you can stay whole and healthy on your soul journey.

This year, more than ever before, I feel called to support fellow Truthsayers in amplifying their mindful communication and leadership, as we all are on a mission to be fully heard, witnessed and recognized. And, it's not purely for personal gain (at least not for me). I believe that our stories hold power -- power for change, power for healing, power for truth.

Are YOU Ready to Speak Your Truth?

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