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Why You Should Wish Upon a Dandelion

You may be wondering why I've been talking so much about dandelions. When my designer and I created the Start Within branding, I was so excited to include a dandelion in the new logo. I feel that, symbolically, the dandelion is a great icon of renewal and growth -- that only can come from an inward focus ... like starting within!

The dandelion plant itself has amazing internal cleansing properties, as I discussed in my last post. Cleansing rituals, I believe, can help you to rejuvenate yourself. Cleansing is beneficial for each part of you --- your mind, body, and spirit.

Read on for more interesting points about dandelions and suggestions on how to do a Thought Cleanse for the Spring!

Why the Fascination With Dandelions?

There are many folklore superstitions that have been attached to dandelions over the years. In addition to granting wishes, many people believe that dandelion seeds will carry your thoughts and dreams to loved ones when you blow them into the air. It's been said that if you can blow all the seeds off a dandelion with a single breath, then the person you love will love you back. If seeds remain, then the object of your affection may have reservations about their feelings toward you.

Still others believe dandelions may help you tell the time or even predict the weather. For example, dandelions have been called the shepherd's clock; since their flowers tend to open shortly after first light and close again at dusk. Amateur meteorologists might use dandelions as an informal barometer. When dandelions have seeded, they will tend to extend into a full ball in good weather. If rain is on the way, however, they will tend to fold like an umbrella and remain tightly closed.

How many of these superstitions hold any truth? You can decide! 

Wish Upon a Dandelion to Cleanse Your Thoughts

The one thing that is for sure, scientifically, is that blowing a dandelion's seeds into the air will have an impact. Where those seeds fall on fertile soil, there likely will be new dandelions in the future!

When your attention is caught by dandelion seeds floating in the spring breeze, pause for a moment and take stock of your thoughts. Which thoughts are consuming your mind -- positive and hopeful or negative and fearful? Is it time for a thought cleanse?

By replacing negative beliefs with new, revitalizing thought patterns, you can gain the power to transform your behaviors, emotions, and attitudes. Even if you can't find a dandelion on which to blow, you can still do a thought cleanse.

With that in mind: close your eyes, envision the dandelion, get quiet, and start within. Ask yourself:

What NEW Thought Seeds Would You Like to Plant This Spring?  ... then blow

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