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Facebook LIVE: Clear Blocks to Love - Forgiveness

On Tuesday, I hosted the second of my 3-part Facebook LIVE series on LOVE this time, focusing on Forgiveness.

So often, when we think of forgiveness, we think about how to forgive another person. Yet, even in situations when we feel we have been wronged or mistreated, we can feel guilty for the "shoulds" -- I should have done ... or I shouldn't have said ...

Watch the replay until the end to learn the Ho'oponopono process for forgiveness. The word itself means to make right. With the lens focused inward, what do you need to make right with yourself?

Tune in next Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 1:43 pm ET for my last session on Intimacy and LOVE. On the Facebook Event Page, select "Going" so that you will get an update when I go LIVE!

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