Reset Your Mindset With EFT-Tapping

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Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT-Tapping, is a form of counseling that draws on theories including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, and energy medicine. It involves gentle tapping with your fingertips on key acupressure points on your head and upper body. EFT is a powerful healing method to reduce stress and anxiety, and also to re-write limiting beliefs about personal setbacks (e.g., in your finances, career, health, and/or relationships). EFT helps to interrupt those repetitive thought patterns. EFT also is a non-invasive therapy to alleviate physical pain in the body, especially when it is practiced over multiple sessions.

Your initial session will include a walk-through of the EFT methodology, including how to identify the primary tapping points, how to craft your tapping “mantras” or statements, and how to check-in with yourself before and after tapping. It is helpful for you to be aware of personal, professional or health-related areas that you would like to focus on together. Future sessions will include a discussion of your progress since your last session, as well as any other new concerns and goals that have surfaced. Individual sessions will be facilitated via Zoom or Skype.