Start WELL To Work WELL

Many aspects of work can lead to feelings of anxiety -- tight deadlines, miscommunication, and personal differences. Added to all of this is the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19, remote work, and social distancing! 

What happens when you can't unwind due to constantly changing dynamics?


Coach Colette and the team at Start Within Coaching will help your employees to manage stressful remote work environments with research-based, virtual employee wellbeing programs. Our wellbeing solutions complement the interactive communication, leadership, and team building programs we have offered clients since 2004.

We develop virtual employee wellbeing programs that align with your existing health and wellbeing strategy including:

  • Lunch-n-Learn Wellness Webinars

  • Fitness or Self-Care Challenges

  • Employee Wellness Round-tables

  • Online Wellness Retreats

We also work with our clients to define their health and wellbeing strategy using a holistic approach that focuses on Four Key Concepts:​​​​

Encourage daily physical activity and reduce sedentariness to help combat obesity and other chronic diseases


Encourage healthy eating habits by providing healthier food choices, behavioral cues, and knowledge about nutrient quality




Support mental and emotional health by providing access to activities that help promote relaxation, address mental or emotional distress, and improve sleep habits

Enhance ergonomic setting to help prevent stress and injury and facilitate greater physical comfort 


​Your employees will learn practical yet FUN ways to deal with stress at work and at home, so they can:

  • Build their self-confidence to meet business demands

  • Boost and sustain their energy levels

  • Be more resilient to bounce back from challenges

  • Experience increased sense of wellbeing and joy

Employee Wellbeing packages are available for virtual delivery, and can be customized to connect with your existing wellbeing strategy and meet specific business objectives.

Contact us TODAY so we can help you and your team to Start Within to Finish Strong!​​​